Same Day Discharge Using VASCADE MVP® for AF Ablation Patients*
Electrophysiologists across the nation are achieving early ambulation and implementing same day discharge programs using VASCADE MVP. Read the articles below, register to attend webinars and watch clips from past webinars to learn more about VASCADE MVP.

Dr. Larry Chinitz

New York University
Langone Health

Dr. David DeLurgio

Emory St. Joseph's

Dr. Zayd Eldadah

Washington Hospital MC
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Dr. Chris Porterfield

French Hospital MC
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Dr. Naushad Shaik

Osceola RMC, AdventHealth Orlando, Celebration

Dr. Usman Siddiqui 

AdventHealth Celebration, Florida


View Same Day Discharge Patient Considerations
There are factors to consider when deciding who to send home same day. A steering committee has put together inclusion criteria and discharge considerations to keep in mind when implementing a same-day discharge program.


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