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5-7F Arterial and Venous Closure


Rapid Hemostasis for Interventional and Diagnostic Procedures

VASCADE VCS: Extravascular and Bioabsorbable

The only closure device proven safer than manual compression in a randomized clinical trial1

Zero major complications2

Fully Integrated Design Deploys Through Existing Procedural Sheath

 RESPECT TRIAL RESULTS Published in the Journal of Invasive Cardiology 

VASCADE VCS is a fully integrated, extravascular, bioabsorbable femoral access closure system that is easy to use, leaves no permanent components behind, and has demonstrated safety and efficacy in a wide range of patients. The system combines Cardiva’s proven proprietary collapsible disc technology and a thrombogenic resorbable collagen patch in an integrated design. For patients and healthcare providers, VASCADE enables rapid hemostasis while minimizing complications.

RESPECT – Level 1 Evidence: Prospective, Multi-Center Randomized Clinical Trial2

VASCADE Complication Rates

Time to Hemostatis Ambulation

1IFU’s and / or SSED’s of commercially available leading brands (VASCADE, AngioSeal, Mynx, Perclose, Starclose, Exoseal). 2Hermiller JB, A Prospective, Randomized, Pivotal Trial of a Novel Extravascular Collagen-Based Closure Device Compared to Manual Compression in Diagnostic and Interventional Patients Journal of Invasive Cardiology 2015;27(3):129-136

VASCADE® Videos and Literature

VASCADE® VCS Deployment Technique
A Physician Perspective on VASCADE Vascular Closure System: Dr. Craig Walker
A Physician Perspective on the VASCADE Performance Guarantee: Dr. Barry Bertolet
A Physician Perspective on VASCADE: Dr. John Lipman
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Doctor and Patient Perspectives on UFE: Lisa Rogers and Dr. John Lipman
A UFE Patient Journey: Lisa Rogers
A Business Leader Perspective on Value in Technology: Roger Owens
VASCADE VCS Procedure Dr. Al Khaled Case 1 LIT 5085 Rev A
VASCADE VCS Procedure Dr. Al Khaled Case 2 LIT 5086 Rev A
VASCADE VCS Procedure Dr. Al Khaled Case 3 LIT 5087 Rev A
VASCADE VCS Procedure Dr. Al Khaled Case 4 LIT 5088 Rev A
VASCADE VCS Procedure Dr. Al Khaled Case 5 LIT 5089 Rev A

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