6–12F Venous Vascular Closure


Designed for EP Procedures

Dedicated to mid-bore (6-12F I.D.) multiaccess venous closure1

Simple and easy to use

  • Single operator
  • No sutures or material left in the vessel

Extravascular design

  • No permanent or intraluminal implants

Bioabsorbable and thrombogenic collagen plug

  • Expands to fill tissue tract

1 IFU for Vascade MVP.

VASCADE MVP® Videos and Literature

VASCADE MVP® Procedure
VASCADE MVP® Procedure - Multi Vessel Closure Following AF Ablation Dr Rodney Horton
VASCADE MVP® Procedure - Multi Vessel Closure Following Cardiac Cryoablation Dr Suneet Mittal
VASCADE MVP® Procedure - WATCHMAN Access Site Closure Dr Suneet Mittal
Benefits of VASCADE MVP®: Patient, Physician and Nurse Perspectives

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