Manual Compression Assist Device

Easy to Use

Studies Have Shown Less Hold Time and Faster Ambulation

Cardiva's CATALYST® Manual Compression Assist Device and its predecessors have been utilized in over 400,000 procedures since the product launched in 2005. CATALYST is designed to provide greater efficiency for clinical staff and faster recovery time for patients.

  • CATALYST II coated with kaolin and chitosan
  • CATALYST III adds protamine sulfate to neutralize heparin
  • Leaves nothing behind to allow for immediate reaccess
  • In selected studies, CATALYST have shown
    • Greater than 50% reduction in mean hold time2
    • More than 20% reduction in ambulation time2

2Data from BOOM II Investigator-Initiated Clinical Study with manuscript submitted for publication. Note: FDA has not reviewed reduced TTH or TTA data.

CATALYST Videos and Literature

Cardiva CATALYST® II Animation
Cardiva CATALYST® III Animation

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