VASCADE MVP® Early Ambulation. Simple. Proven.

VASCADE MVP® enables you to get back on your feet, is simple for doctors to use and is clinically proven, reducing the need for prolonged bedrest associated with manual compression following a procedure that requires access through one or more veins1. In a recent clinical study, VASCADE MVP shortened the median patient bedrest by 64% (3.9 hours), reduced the need for opioids by 58%, and increased patient satisfaction for duration of bedrest by 63%.

1 AMBULATE Clinical Trial Report

VASCADE® Provides Safe and Effective Vascular Closure

After a procedure that requires access through the artery or vein in your groin, an opening is left that must be closed to prevent bleeding. There are two primary methods used to close the site: manual compression and vascular closure devices. Vascular closure devices can reduce the need for prolonged, heavy pressure and longer bed rest associated with manual compression. Cardiva’s VASCADE Vascular Closure System safely and effectively stops bleeding and has very low complication rates.2 Additional information is available in our patient brochure.

Cardiva CATALYST® is Designed to Accelerate the Manual Compression Process

Manual compression typically requires the application of firm pressure for approximately 15 - 30+ minutes to the puncture site and may require up to 8 hours of bed rest. Cardiva's CATALYST Manual Compression Assist Device is designed to stop the bleeding faster than manual compression alone, so you spend less time in bed and get back on your feet faster.

You should contact your doctor immediately if you experience any bleeding, swelling, pain or have other concerns post-procedure.

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2 RESPECT IDE Trial utilized for PMA Approval
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