VASCADE® Minimizes Complications, Maximizes Hospital Efficiencies and Improves Patient Care

Bleeding and other vascular complications can have a substantial economic impact on costs for hospitals, adding incremental cost and increased length of stay based on severity. Cardiva products offer a safe and effective alternative to manual compression for femoral arterial or femoral venous access site closure.

Value to HospitalVASCADE has demonstrated enhanced safety and efficacy, helping to minimize complications and maximize hospital efficiencies. VASCADE optimizes vascular access management through:

  • Promotion of rapid hemostasis with very low complication rates1
  • Leaves no permanent component behind
  • Can be used in interventional and diagnostic procedures
  • Faster hemostasis even in heparinized blood5

In Studies, Cardiva CATALYST® Demonstrated Improvement in TTH and TTA2

In studies, Cardiva CATALYST Manual Compression Assist Device have shown to improve time to ambulation (TTA) and time to hemostasis (TTH), making the process more efficient for hospital staff and more comfortable for patients.


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