Cardiva Medical has 

developed an innovative approach to safe, arteriotomy site-specific compression, hemostasis, boomerang effect, 

secure vascular closure without leaving anything behind in the artery or tissue tract.
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VASCADE™ Vascular Closure System

Third Generation Closure Technology, First Choice for Faster Recovery. Case Closed.

The VASCADE™ Vascular closure System is a new generation extravascular closure device designed to increase the comfort and safety of vascular closure for patients.

VASCADE™ Vascular Closure System (VCS) is indicated for femoral arterial access site closure while reducing times to hemostasis and ambulation in patients who have undergone diagnostic or interventional endovascular procedures using a 5F, 6F, or 7F procedural sheath.

VASCADE combines both mechanical and biochemical methods of hemostasis for a safe, simple, and secure close of the femoral arterial access site.


  • Nothing left inside artery
  • Can be rapidly deployed
  • Provides rapid hemostasis in the lab
  • Designed to be Painless to the Patient
  • Ability to re-access site
  • Available in two sizes for 5F and 6-7F closure


The VASCADE VCS. It’s What’s Next in Closure.


After obtaining temporary hemostasis with Cardiva’s proven proprietary collapsible disc technology, VASCADE delivers a thrombogenic resorbable collagen patch utilizing the existing sheath. With a simple, elegant design VASCADE leaves behind a healthy artery and a secure, closed arteriotomy with no intravascular components.


  • Proven fewer complications than manual compression in a prospective, multi-center, randomized trial1.
  • Absence of permanent intravascular footplate eliminates vascular implant complications often associated with other Vascular Closure Devices.
  • Incorporates Cardiva’s platform technology used in more than 400,000 procedures.
  • Similar collagen used as the leading closure device but with reduced mass.
  • Radiopaque markers verify position.


  • Simple-to-use technique with no sheath exchange or added complexity enables deployment in as little as 30 seconds1.
  • Patented disc technology efficiently locates arteriotomy for precise placement and release of pre-loaded extra-vascular collagen patch.


  • Collagen patch naturally resorbs, allowing vessel reaccess.
  • Provides rapid hemostasis in the lab, shortening recovery time and rapidly restoring patient’s mobility.
  • Designed to be painless for the patient.
  • Few contraindications address clinical need in large patient population.

1 Data on file at Cardiva Medical.


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