Cardiva Medical has developed an innovative approach to safe, arteriotomy site-specific compression, hemostasis, boomerang effect, secure vascular closure without leaving anything behind in the artery or tissue tract.
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: Cardiva Catalyst™ II  
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: Cardiva Catalyst™ III  
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The design of the human body is about as close to perfect as you can get.  Everything about it is engineered to restore itself when confronted with injury or illness.  Cardiva Medical, Inc. designs products that help the body heal itself.

The Cardiva Catalyst™ Family of Products is designed to quickly facilitate closing the site, gently exits and preserves the artery, and lets the body do the rest. Just like the body would design for itself.

The products are made of a bi-convex low profile nitinol disc that provides temporary hemostasis, while the proprietary hemostatic coating accelerates coagulation at the arteriotomy site.
Cardiva Catalyst™
How it Works
The Catalyst is inserted through the existing sheath.
Step 1 - Insertion
The Catalyst disc is deployed and the sheath is removed.
Step 2 - Deployment
The disc temporarily seals the arteriotomy, reducing the size to an 18-gauge needle stick.
Step 3 - Sealing
After the appropriate dwell time, the Catalyst is removed and a small amount of pressure is applied until hemostasis is achieved.
Step 4 - Closure
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